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The Toto Foundation is what completes our mission. Without helping others, what is the point to life?

The Foundation is designed to give us a mechanism for giving back, for doing the things that make us feel good as people, and make others feel good as a result...

Sometimes it is as easy as reading to kids who have lost their parents to HIV.

They don't have a lot, they don't need a lot...just someone who seems to care.

"Yours, mine and ours"...in reality, they are all ours.  I guess what affects me about kids is the fact that they are the innocent by product of adults.  No matter what the adults may have done or not done, the kids remain.

In Africa, it really does take a village to raise the child.
Building a school is a lot more basic without building codes, permits and machinery.
A few laptops and some willing students from the U.S. and suddenly the world is open to kids who have never traveled more than 10 miles from home.

Keep in mind that we humans can only live on 11% of this fragile blue spacecraft we call Earth.

To survive, we must:

  • keep watch over our air supply,
  • maintain our food supply,
  • preserve the resources that enable us,
  • make sure the passengers who are less fortunate are at least comfortable.

It doesn't take much, it just takes "something." Everywhere we have traveled, it seems people want the same things; decent food, health, security and a sense of community.  When you think about it, we are all the same!

Now, let's connect a business in town with a cause like this! Read more here.