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What if you could take an existing idea and make it better? Then, what if you could take the new better idea and blend it into something that solves problems, creates revenue and builds local economies?

That's exactly what TotoTown is designed to do.

There are many "Daily Deal" sites on the web, but all of them operate the same way, causing a dependence on the initial influx of cash generated by the deal sales. This is because these sites all depend upon volume of deal sales to survive. In truth, a business cannot run on 25% of its intended revenue, which is what daily deal sites generally require their deal issuers to do. Of course after the initial sale of deals, the sponsoring business receives a check for 50% of the deal sale revenue, but this is a short lived influx since the redemption period may last one year.

So what is our alternative and why do we like it? Well, we have been in business for a very long time and recognize the "payday loan trap" that this kind of marketing can produce. So we work with businesses to design a campaign that does not make them dependent upon selling more and more deals to stay alive. In fact we let our partners decide how many deals they can/should issue...we don't care if that number is 100 instead of the 1,000 encouraged by other deal sites. Customer acquisition should be the goal of this kind of marketing...quality, repeat customers.

Next, we involve the community. What good is pulling customers from across town when they are just coming in for a special deal? If they aren't coming back, the cost of marketing is lost. Instead, TotoTown brings local non-profits, clubs and civic organizations into the mix. In fact, we dedicate 20% of the revenue for every deal their members buy. This creates a link between an organization, its members and the merchant. It also encourages repeat business since now the merchant has more in common with his customer than just their experience in his establishment. "Who are we helping?" is now a question the merchant can ask...and the merchant and customer are now in partnership in funding a cause.

At Toto World, we look for ways to take innovative ideas and make them win-win in practice. To learn more about TotoTown, click here.