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Toto is always on the lookout for new products. 
When we can't find what we want, we invent it.

We travel to the factories in China to find the best mobile devices like our Android tablets.  We also contract with some of the best suppliers in the country for phones and cellular service. 

Last but not least, we design software.  For example we designed an algorithm to turn Verizon's post paid service into pre paid.

We integrated our software system with the accounting and activation systems of both Verizon and Sprint.

After that we put it all into the palm of your hand with our Toto Mobile App: See it here.

We really like GPS systems, so we built a Fleet Management product called "Fleet MAGIC".  With this innovative tool a company can keep tabs on its assets deployed in the field, and transmit messages to a tablet mounted in the vehicle...Toto gives this two paws up!


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